[7-Select Wearing]
Using elements from previous 7-Select commercials, visuals were created using a split-grid design. Wooden textures and similar camera techniques were used to unify the different images created between the actor and actress.

[7-Select 穿上篇]
導演承襲了7-Select 以往畫面以切割的方式呈現


Director : Hung-i Chen 陳宏一
Producer : Fu-jing Lin 林富靖
D.P. : Fisher Yu 余靜萍
VFX Supervisor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
VFX : Anne Feng 馮安安、Chiunyi Ko柯鈞譯
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Assistant : LiAnLu 陸俐安

Client : 7-SELECT