[It's Love] Edward Wang

The beginning of the dream is love.
From the childhood,
you always stared at your Father's back in worship,
and imaged that you can catch up with him
and your dream one day.
So you chased your dream hardly and hardly.
Finally, on that day of success,
you would found your Father left alone suddenly.

At last, your Father's continuous cheering
from your back support you go ahead.

[是愛] 王振祖




Director : Howard Kuo & Allan Shen 小豪艾倫
Director's Assistant : Yan Sin Lin 林言欣
Producer : Pin Zhen Huang 黃品禎
Production Assistant : Hong Ming Ji 紀宏銘
Dolly : Yong Qing Zhang 張詠慶
D.P. : Sheng Wei Yang 楊勝威
First Assistant : Ming Da Zhong 鍾明達
Second assistant : Jun An Xie 謝俊安
Gaffer : Jing Hao Yang 楊景浩
Best Boy : Guan Jun Guo 郭冠均 、 Chao Yuan Ji 紀朝元
Art Director : Jin Fu Liu 劉晉輔
Art ’s Assistant : Wan Zhi Xie 謝宛志
Sound : You Long Luo 羅友隆
Stylist : Yiko Lee 李懿格
Actor : Han Cai Xiao 蕭漢財、Zhe Xun Jiang 江哲勳
Cello guide : Jun Lin Ye 葉俊麟
Driver : Zi Xiang Han 韓子翔、Yao Yi Bai 白曜溢
Camera Equipment : LinkedIn Studio 阿爽影像工作室
VFX Supervisor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Assistant Designer : Yan Sin Lin 林言欣

Singer : Edward Wang 王振祖
Lyrics : Jeric Chen 陳傑瑞 Jim Tsai 蔡志忠
Music : Jeric Chen 陳傑瑞
Arranger : Wei Xiang Yuan 袁偉翔(駿杰音樂)
Song Producer : Geroge Chen 陳建騏
Vocal Producer : Jim Tsai 蔡志忠、Geroge Chen 陳建騏
Project Manager : Sue Huang 黃宿姿
Project Coordinator : Peter Lee 李忻恩、Anita Shen 沈慧欣
Marketing Manager : Bryan Huang 黃仲麟
Documentary Photographer : Ag Hsu 許世錦
Make Up : Wei Wen Chien 簡偉文 PrettyCool Studio 美少女工作室
Hair Stylist : Ethan @hc Hair Culture Taipei & Hugo @ Hip StylistHsieh Kang Yen 謝岡諺

Chief Executive Producers : Timothy Xu 徐毅 Ariel Fung 馮建強 Chinese Repertoire Division 華語音樂事業處
Deputy General Manager : Yellow Huang 黃錦福
Publisher : Moët Hennessy 香港商酩悅軒尼詩有限公司、Sony Music Entertainment Taiwan Ltd. 台灣索尼音樂娛樂股份有限公司