[Puppet] Joker Xue
This house is a metaphor as the society which offers fame and wealthy for whoever is willing to trade their own heart for it.
People come and go, take the deal to get their dream life even if they know by giving up their heart that could lead them into a life style as a puppet who has zero feelings to the world.

However, the trader started to have mixed feelings after he saw an extremely pure yet broken heart one day.
He started to struggle…

Overall, no one is being forced to have a certain life or to fit in any particular environment unless they ask for it. As the world can’t change us, we start to realize we actually slowly turn our self into a “Puppet” on the way to pursuit our “Dream Life”…

[木偶人] 薛之謙



Director : Howard Kuo & Allan Shen 小豪艾倫

Producer : Huang Pin Jhen 黃品禎
Asst. Producer:Ji Hong Ming 紀宏銘、Lin Jyun You 林峻有

D.P.:Sheng Wei Yang 楊勝威
1nd Asst. Camera : Liou Yu Hao 劉于豪
2nd Asst. Camera : Chen Chun Chia 陳俊嘉、Chen Chuan 陳涓
Jimmy jib : Jhang Yi Cheng 張益誠、Wang Hong Wei 王宏瑋、Su Bo An蘇柏安
Gaffer : Ma Ming Tsai 馬銘財
Grip / Lighting Technician: Gao Yu Sheng 高煜盛、Guo Geng Hua 郭耿華、Huang Wei Jieh 黃偉傑、Gong Ke Chin 龔克勤

Art Director : Daniel Chen 陳弘
Art : Myrna Tseng 曾子瑄
Art Assistant : Chang-Ting Tsai 蔡長庭、Xin-Yi Cai 蔡馨儀
Art Team : Wei Sheng Studio 緯盛工作室、Lin Jia Hao 林家豪、Syu Yu Cheng 許裕成、Li Zong Ting 李宗庭、Syu Jyun Hao 許峻豪
Scenic Art : Frank Creation Co.,LTD 法蘭克質感創作有限公司
Scenic Art Consultant : Frank Chen 陳新發
Lead Scenic : Wang Hsin Pei 王馨珮
Scenic Painter : Tsai Jia He 蔡嘉和、Hsieh Chung Shu 謝忠恕、Guo Jia Yu 郭佳妤

Costume Supervisor : Mia Chen 陳甯亞
Costumer : Mia Chen 陳甯亞、Jerry Hsieh 謝宇農
Costume Assistant : Kuo Tzu Yu 郭子毓、Liang Yu 梁榆
Costume Support : Chen Mama Clothing Modification 陳媽媽、Mickey Huang 黃米奇、Jill Punk Loli 吉兒龐克
Makeup : Mia Chen 陳甯亞
Makeup Assistant : Kuo Tzu Yu 郭子毓
Hair Stylist:Ryan Lin 林昱廷、Wen Yi Che 温怡真
Hair Stylist Assistant:Yuma Lin 林瑀萱、Nana 李芸

FX Makeup Director:Zoe Cheng 程薇穎
FX Makeup:Alice Chou 周冠吟、Efay Chen 陳依慧、Cindy Lee 李宛昕

Actor Casting:Fan Rui-Ling 范瑞鈴
Female Lead:Wen Chen-Ling 温貞菱
Actor : Huang Wei Syuan 黃威軒、Chen Ying Ru 陳映如、Jhou Han Ning 周涵甯、Yeh Jing Han 葉靜涵
Extra : Su Guo Kai 蘇國凱、Liou Yu Cheng 劉宇承、Guan Syun Chen 陳冠勳、Sung .Yao-Wei 宋耀威

Equipment : ARROW CINEMATIC GROUP, INC. 阿榮影業股份有限公司
Camera Equipment : LEE RONG FILM & EQUIPMENT CO. 力榮影視器材有限公司

Editor : Howard Kuo & Allan Shen 小豪艾倫
Colorist : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
VFX Supervisor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Sound Editor : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒

Music:Joker Xue 薛之謙
Lyrics:Joker Xue 薛之謙