Show Reel
April 2019


[ STORYLAND 2018 Reel ]
This is the director's work that we selected 2015 to 2018. Although there is no particularly achievement, it is also a bit of experience experienced during this time.
Each work has the smell and atmosphere at that time, and the images and music also record the current state of life in each job.
For commemorated.

[ STORYLAND 2018 Reel ]

品味臺北,市集風華 Taste the Taipei, Fashion of Traditional Markets
YZT Evolution 左左右右 Zony&Yony
再見煙火 Goodbye Firework 卓義? Yifeng Zhuo
櫻花草 Primrose ALL- RANGE
我依然是我 I’m Still Here 王笠人 Rennie Wang
麥香奶茶 教室篇 MineShine MilkTea Classroom TVC
麥香奶茶 升旗典禮篇 MineShine MilkTea Ceremony TVC
不需要知道 You Don't Need to Know 韋禮安 Weibird Wei
美好 Beautiful 吳汶芳 Fang Wu
如歌 Never Ending Song of Life 梁文音 Liang Wen Yin
2017 麥香無敵畢業趴 X 20高校聯手開唱 2017 MineShine Invincible Graduation Party - Final Chapter
2017 麥香無敵畢業趴 X 桃園高中 2017 MineShine Invincible Graduation Party X National Taoyuan
分開不是誰不好 After the Love Has Gone 郭靜 Claire Kuo
遇見新的我 I Love Me 郭靜 Claire Kuo
完美世界2 Online 你我的約定 Perfect World Online 2 Our Promise
我的淚 There are Tears 曾沛慈 Pets Tseng
愛不需要理由 No Reason io
跟上 Shake It 余楓 Ryan
我不是你該愛的那個人 If We Don’t Belong Together 曾沛慈 Pets Tseng
我是曾沛慈 前導片 I'm Pets Teaser
再勇敢一點點 Tougher Please 有感覺 F.E.E.L.
光之海 Sea of Light A-Lin
別說沒愛過 Do Not Say Never Loved 韋禮安 Weibird Wei
嗚哇嗚 U Wa U MATZKA feat. A-Lin
調調 Swag 大嘴巴 Da Mouth
有事嗎? What The... 大嘴巴 Da Mouth


Editor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Music : Coldplay - O "Fly On"