That Girl

Music Video
August 2012


[ That Girl ] Angela
Trends often influence conformism.
Everyone should have their own styles and characteristics.
This song [ That Girl ] tells us that everyone is unique.
We should learn to love ourselves and be the master of our own fate and happiness.

[ That Girl ] 張韶涵
歌曲 [ That Girl ] 想讓你知道每個人都是獨特的個體,


Director : Hung-i Chen 陳宏一
Producer : Fu-jing Lin 林富靖
D.P. : Chin Hsin 金鑫
Gaffer : Pony Ma 馬銘財
Art Director : 林北設計
VFX Supervisor : Howard Kuo 郭書豪
VFX : Leo Chung 江品翰、Bibi Lai 賴依筠
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒

Music : H.Kovalainen
Lyrics : 吳易緯

Client : Wonderful Music 美妙音樂唱片公司