TLC Passage to Kaohsiung

October 2013


[ Passage to Kaohsiung ] TLC
In the beginning of the video, many famous scenes of Kaohsiung appear one after another, making it looks like a passage through a boulevard. The concept of a passage also matches with the title of the video "Passage to Kaohsiung" and the Chinese meaning of the word "passage". The appearance of the scenes also makes the opening more cheerful and youthful.

[ Passage to Kaohsiung ] TLC
在片頭裡我們使用了許多高雄最具代表性場景,讓他們像是穿越通道一幕幕的出現,而通道的概念剛好符合片名Passage to Kaohsiung 的 Passage 的中文意思,並設法使片頭呈現熱血與搖滾的感覺。


Director : Howard Kuo & Allan Shen 小豪艾倫
Design : Allan Shan 沈沛峰
CG Artists : Anne Feng 馮安安
Assistant : Li An Lu 陸俐安

Client : Discovery Channel