[ The Grand Finale ] Li-Li Wei
A song written in memory of his dead father, an indescribable longing.
The Music Video was created in black and white. During the process of shooting, the artist bursted into tears numerous times while thinking of his father.
This song represents the close love between him and his father who were always apart.

[ 終於 ] 李立崴


Director : Victor 莫勤治 / Zion 張錫安
Producer : Yen Chih Lin 林彥志
Assistant Producer : 黃怡文
D.P. : Lin Yueh 阿傑
Assistant D.P. : 蘇培宇 / 胡世翊
Gaffer : 鄭哥
Assistant Gaffer : 蘇俊豪
Art Director : Baozi Chen 陳奕凌
Hair Stylist : Peggy 廖珮淇
Designer : Allan Shen 沈沛鋒
Starring : 鄭宜湘 / 李俊堅

Music : LiLi 李立崴 / Zion 張錫安
Lyrics : LiLi 李立崴

Client : 好感度音樂工作室 Good Sense Music Service Workshop